Whether she is writing from the point of view of a patient in a mental hospital (as in her novel The Minotaur Hunt), a child in foster care (in her short story ‘The Doll’), or a minister’s daughter living on the north coast of Scotland in the early 19th century (her short story ‘Mermaid on Ice’), Miriam Hastings is always concerned with portraying the experience of the outsider in society; giving a voice to the powerless and the oppressed.

Walking Shadow, Miriam’s first historical novel, was published in November 2019 under the name of M W Hastings, and is available direct from FeedaRead Books as well as through Amazon. It is also available on Kindle.

Miriam’s first novel,The Minotaur Hunt, was originally published by the Harvester Press, it was shortlisted for the Betty Trask Award and won the MIND Book of the Year Award.  Sadly, soon after publication Harvester were taken over by Simon & Schuster who closed their fiction list and so the hardback edition of the novel is now out of print, although it’s often available secondhand from amazon and other online stores.  A freshly revised digital edition with a new afterword is now available on Kindle (The Minotaur Hunt ) and Kobo (The Minotaur Hunt), and a paperback edition has also been published.

Three surreal tales by Miriam Hastings are available on Kindle: The Doll and other stories: Strange tales.  Also on Kobo: The Doll and other stories: Strange Tales 

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